New Insight Behind Delayed Retina iPad mini Launch

Found this online. Enjoy!!

According to new reports emerging from Asia on Friday, there may be a very good reason why we’ve haven’t yet seen the new Retina iPad mini.

Sources close to the device’s production reveal that Apple has been forced to delay the launch and even the announcement of the device’s formal launch date because the manufacturer could “not solve the burn-in problem in the LCD panel to be applied to the iPad mini retina product, which is caused by the malfunction of the TFT.”

The Korean news outlet confirms that Sharp’s LCD burn-in is not visible to the human eye, but it does not meet the “technological standards” of Apple. Consequently, there was a yield problem. Nonetheless, the primary suppliers remain LG Display and Sharp.

In particular, however, “rumor has it that Sharp’s IGZO panel has a supply problem.”

“If the burn-in problem is not solved, Apple will be in a fix,” one unnamed industry source was quoted. “If Apple relaxes the technological standards for the burn-in, consumers’ perception of Apple may deteriorate, and if not, it will have to change its supply chain and delay the launch of the new product.”

Source: ETNews

Source: Modmyi


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