Multi-Sync Keyboard

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Apple fans looking for the one keyboard to rule them all can stop looking. Kanex has released the Multi-Sync Keyboard (US69.00), and if you’re wondering about the name, it’s because this one keyboard can be paired with four devices. Want to use it with your Mac, an iPad and an iPhone? Pair through Bluetooth with each of those devices just once, and you can then use the Multi-Sync Keyboard with it with just a tap of a button. Another device can be connected through USB.

This keyboard has a numeric keypad built in for those hardcore spreadsheet editors, but also features iOS-specific keys for your favorite mobile device. It operates on two AAA batteries, and can also be used in a USB-wired mode if needed. Kanex even threw in a stand for your iPhone or iPad to sit on while you’re typing away, so this is an amazingly complete keyboard solution. Check out the three-minute video review of the keyboard, and then be sure to enter our giveaway.




If you want just one keyboard to use with all of your favorite Apple products, the Kanex Multi-Sync Keyboard is the one to get.


  • Can be paired with three different Bluetooth devices (for example, Mac, iPad and iPhone) and switched to any one of those with a single touch
  • Includes the ability to be connected via USB if needed
  • Complete set of keys, including OS X and iOS-specific keys and a full numeric keypad
  • Has a good feel to it, allows for fast touch typing
  • Includes stand for use with iPad or iPhone


  • Would be nice if the Multi-Sync keyboard had a built-in rechargeable battery instead of requiring two AAA batteries

Who is it for?

  • Anyone with multiple Macs or iOS devices who would like to reduce clutter and just use one keyboard for all of the devices


Source: TUAW


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