Parallels Desktop 7 and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion on a MacBook AirApple and Windows working together on on computer?? Only possible on an Apple machine. I’ve talked about Windows on a Mac, but parallels is even better for first time Apple users. Finally Apple i s listening to the world and now they see that they don’t need to fight windows, they can work together!  Apple will be loading Parallels on the in-store computers to get their sales even higher!  They want to show consumers that Windows works just a s good on their machines as any other computer. Many people are unaware that you can run two operating systems (i.e. 10.8 Mountain Lion, Windows 7/8) side by on the same screen or different screens.  I think this is a great move by apple, and people won’t be a scared to try buying a Mac.  It’ll be funny to see Apple them explain to customer questions about the Windows 7/8.

Here’s is some more information about it from TUAW:

Apple Stores to push Macs for business … via Parallels

Desktop and Windows 8

It’s always been difficult for Apple to sell the Mac as a business machine, especially in the enterprise where Windows is king. Now 9to5Mac is reporting that Apple Stores will soon be equipped with a 27″ iMac running Parallels Desktop and Windows 8, just to demonstrate to business buyers that anything that can be done on a Windows machine can be done on a Mac.

In contrast to Apple’s longtime “Mac vs. PC” ad campaign, which sought to convince PC users to drop Windows for Mac, the new initiative is targeting businesses by pointing out how Macs can be used side-by-side with Windows PCs in the office. Any applications that are Windows-only can be run under Parallels Desktop, while native Mac versions of many other apps bring the ease of use of the platform to any office.

The timing of the new initiative is perfect, with a number of new and more powerful Macs rumored to be coming this fall. Apple’s redesigned Mac Pro, which is being touted in special teasers in movie theaters across the country, is definitely in the pipeline for a fall delivery, while new versions of the MacBook Pro and iMac running Intel’s powerful Haswell CPU are expected as well.

Source: TUAW

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