iOS 6 available to download now!!

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First seen at WWDC, Passbook is exclusive to the iPhone and iPod touch, acting as a one-stop for all of your vouchers and coupons. Having a pocket full of shredded paper is never an organized way to live, and even if you like to keep things tidily in a wallet or purse, Passbook’s digital nature will ensure you never lose another important pass or ticket again.

As well as keeping everything safe, utilizing them will be a lot simpler. For example, when entering an airport, checking in with Passbook will be a matter of tapping the screen as opposed to queuing and partaking in the tedious waiting game. Moreover, if your flight is delayed or gate changed, Passbook will recognize this and notify you accordingly, so not only is your data safely digitized, but it’s more informative and useful than a paper ticket ever could be.


With iOS 6, Siri learns a number of new tricks. You can now use to Siri to check for latest sports updates, movies running in the theatres nearby, ability to tweet on Twitter, update Facebook status and lots more. Siri is now also supported on the third-generation iPad.

New Maps

One of the earliest implementations revealed of iOS 6 was the new, in-house Maps feature from Apple, and with 3D mapping and turn-by-turn directions available optionally, it’s no wonder Apple has been hasty in removing Google’s reliable Maps offering from iOS finally.

Facebook Integration

Facebook is the world’s number one social network, and following on from the Twitter integrationwith iOS 5, Zuck’s company has finally gotten its own intertwined system within the makeup of iOS 6. If you’ve familiarized yourself with the Twitter integration then this is pretty standard stuff, and you’ll find day-to-day tasks like updating your status or logging in to be stress-free and simple.

Safari iCloud Tabs

Apple has put a great portion of its resources into plugging and improving iCloud, and although Apple’s service is already pivotal to a handful of apps, iCloud is certainly at the heartbeat of iOS 6.

Among a slew of iCloud-based new features, Safari now has iCloud Tabs, allowing you to begin browsing sites on one iDevice (or indeed, a Mac), and continue on another iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac.

Revamped Calling System

Apple has finally realized that not everybody wants to answer every received call, but iOS 6 has amended the entire structure. Now, if you’re not in the mood to talk, you needn’t just decline, since you can reply with an SMS, or simply create yourself a call-back prompt for later on in the day.

Additionally, the Do Not Disturb option means you can enjoy using your device uninterrupted, and if you so wish, you can easily whitelist some contacts exempt from the rules.

Other features:

  • VIP Mail
  • Guided Access
  • Photo Stream Sharing
  • Redesigned Stores
  • Support for Baidu Search


iOS 6 will be available for all the supported devices (except for the newly announced ones): iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, and Apple TV 

Source: Redmondpie


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