Reflection app brings AirPlay mirroring to Windows

Launching today, Reflection appfor Windows delivers the samelive AirPlay mirroring that OS X users have had access to for several months.

Developer David Stanfill tells TUAW, “We received a ton of great feedback from Mac users who were using Reflection in their offices and classrooms. One thing that kept coming up is how great it would be to offer a universal solution that would work for all their computers. We’re excited to bring universal one-click wireless mirroring to the world today.”

This new app lets you mirror your iPad (2nd gen or later) or iPhone (4S or later) screen to your computer for demos, presentation, and recording. The process was not entirely smooth.

“We experienced significant challenges bringing this technology to Windows,” Stanfill said, “Apple has done a phenomenal job providing developers with access to audio and video frameworks and licensing all the important codecs on their platform. On Windows, we had to invest in substantial internal development and obtain extensive licenses to support this great functionality.”

Reflection for Windows will cost US$19.99 ($59.99 for a 5-person license). “With Reflection, we’ve been able to bring over all the features of the Mac version to Windows, including recording, full audio streaming, support for multiple devices, and full screen display.”

Stanfill also launched an initial AirParrot for Windows release today. AirParrot ($14.99 single license, $49.99 5-person license) allows you to mirror all or part of your computer screen out to Apple TV. This is a great way to move web pages, Hulu videos, etc. to a TV screen. The AirParrot launch will not initially be as full featured as the Mac version.

Stanfill explains, “On Windows, we have features we’re still working on including individual app window mirroring and extended display support. We hope to have those out soon. We’re busy making sure those will be perfect.” He’s hoping to follow up with those this summer.

Source: TUAW


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