OneVoice is an impressive assistive communication app for iPad and iPhone

Found this online. Enjoy!

When you think of iOS and communication, you think of Skype or FaceTime, but there’s a growing number of people who are using the device to communicate in unconventional ways. One such application isOneVoice from Legend, an augmentative and alternative communication app for the iPad and the iPhone.

Designed for non-verbal adults and children, the app has over 100 large, clear icons with recognizable images from your everyday environment. People can click on the icons to build sentences and then hit the speak button to speak. There’s also a group of emoticons so people can communicate how they feel. It has a simple, logical UI that makes it easy for people to share their thoughts with others.

OneVoice is highly customizable so users can add or remove groups of icons, use their own photos to represent items, and select from two male and three female voices. The latest version of OneVoice also adds support for speech in 22 languages including Arabic, Czech, French, Italian and more.

OneVoice is a universal app available for US$199 from the iOS App Store.

Source: TUAW


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