Get OS X Mountain Lion Style AirPlay Mirroring On OS X Lion With AirParrot

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Like AirPlay? Now you can use the technology to mirror your entire Mac display onto a television’s screen using an Apple TV!

We are huge fans of Apple’s implementation of AirPlay with the Apple TV. For those not familiar with the technology, AirPlay allows anyone with an iOS device and an Apple TV to send video, audio or both over the Wi-Fi network and onto a big screen via the little black box of awesome.

This feature is absolutely fantastic for sending music from something like Spotify straight over the network to your home entertainment system, for example. Watching videos from on an iPad and then flicking a switch to throw the video onto a flat panel display will never grow old also.

A recent innovation, AirPlay Mirroring allows whatever is on-screen to be sent from an iPhone or iPad and onto an Apple TV too, meaning menus and the home screen can be viewed in the big screen. This is perfect should you wish to show a slideshow in an app that doesn’t natively support AirPlay, for example. And just recently, Apple released the first ever developer preview of OS X Mountain Lion, which on the hand, allows you to mirror your screen using your Apple TV on your big screen TV. Lion users were left in the dust regarding this feature.

Now, a new app allows you do do the same thing, but on OS X Lion, and it’s called AirParrot.

Costing $9.99 and available for Lion or Snow Leopard versions of OS X, the app is still in its infancy. That said, the core functionality is there – users can send their whole Mac screen over the network and onto a television via an Apple TV – though there are some early bugs still to be ironed out. If you can cope with such bugs for now, the app will fill a hole should your require.

The app itself has a couple of important options. The first allows the selection different levels of compression which comes in handy on a slow Wi-Fi network, and the second allows the alteration of the amount of under scan transmitted. If you’ve ever had a video who’s sides have been chopped off on an Apple TV, then this is for you.

Obviously super high resolution iMacs and MacBook Pros may suffer from some issues with regards to final quality and lag, but for an initial attempt AirParrot has a lot of promise. If you can forgive the lack of polish right now, the ten dollar app could turn into a valuable tool further down the line.

For more details about AirParrot, you can simply head over to their website and know all about it, including the different prices they are offering for it along with download options.

(via TheVerge)


3 thoughts on “Get OS X Mountain Lion Style AirPlay Mirroring On OS X Lion With AirParrot

  1. Lenie says:

    I’ve actually got this niokrwg, it’s pretty great but a little stuttery for my taste, ruined one game of real racing for me. Very cool stuff though (and I do have both aTV and iPad on wifi, the aTV should be on ethernet) also it should be easy to enable this on ipad 1 when jailbroken, no?

  2. Omolemo says:

    as the Xoom decides when to quit an pliapcation; customization is possible but more difficult than the iPad2. In short, the Xoom user interface is a work in progress great potential but currently quite flawed. Operating System: The iPad2 uses Apple’s IOS. It works, but it uses cooperative multitasking which (in theory) is less effective than the full multitasking on the Xoom which uses a version of Google’s Android designed for tablets. In practice, they both work fine and I doubt anyone would notice the difference. Applications: iPad2 has 70,000 apps available from the Apple App store and it also runs the 300,000 apps available for the iPhone. Xoom currently has around 60 apps and it can run Android phone apps (but they are stretched in one direction which makes them look strange). Some of the iPad2 pliapcations are pretty impressive GarageBand for example. There are many games on the iPad2, and just a few games made for the Xoom. If this doesn’t improve quickly, the Xoom is sunk. After all, pliapcations are generally the reason people buy these devices. Browsing: Because of the screen aspect ratio that I mentioned, I prefer browsing on the iPad2. The Xoom has Adobe Flash and the iPad2 doesn’t, but so far I haven’t come across a single instance where this has been an issue. I’m sure there are very many sites not compatible with iPad2, but I haven’t browsed to one of them yet. Camera: I don’t use the camera much, and I’m not really sure if either is better. In the family, the Xoom owner says the Xoom is better, the iPad2 owner says the iPad2. The Xoom has flash and iPad2 doesn’t which is a win for Xoom, but the Xoom seems slower to take a picture. Speakers: The Xoom has two small speakers, iPad2 has one slightly larger speaker. The sound is somewhat better quality on the iPad2 and the Xoom cannot achieve the same volume as the iPad2. But they are both pretty poor use earphones or an external speaker if you want decent audio. Battery life: Difficult for me to give an exact comparison, but based on family usage it seems the iPad2 has the edge here, but not by much. Internal storage: The Xoom has 1GB of RAM and 32 GB of flash storage. The iPad2 has 512MB of RAM and 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of flash storage I bought the 64GB model. External storage: The Xoom has an external card slot that supports SD cards, but the software was not ready in time for the product release. The slot is inoperative until Motorola releases an operating system update. The iPad2 has no external storage support. User Experience: The iPad2 was up and running quite quickly. I connected the device to iTunes and it automatically updated to the latest version of the operating

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