HoverBar for iPad 2

Found this online. Enjoy!

The design wizards at Twelve South have come up with another unique and useful accessory for Apple gear. This time, they’re introducing theHoverBar (US$79.99), a mounting clamp and flexible bar that floats an iPad 2 (or several) next to your iMac or Apple monitor.

The HoverBar can be clamped onto the upright of an iMac or Apple display, to a tabletop, or any other surface up to an inch thick. Your iPad 2 sits in a plastic clip that’s mounted on a swivel ball so it can be turned to any angle. In the video below, one idle youth taking time out from doing his homework uses the iPad / HoverBar combo as a steering wheel for Real Racing. That’s a different use case!

Many people will want to use the HoverBar-mounted iPad as a communications device, displaying email or providing a way to do FaceTime conferencing without the dreaded “nose vision” view. Used with an app like Air Display ($9.99), you can even have a Mac window displayed on your iPad.


Link to site: http://twelvesouth.com/products/hoverbar/


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