Watch MiFi battery level on you mac

Download MiFi Monitor ($.99)


See what your Novatel Mi-Fi device is doing without getting it out of your bag or opening a web browser.

– See the current battery life and charging status

– Keep track of cellular signal level with traditional bars as well as a live graph of the past 45 seconds

– Monitor cellular connection status, including the type of connection you are currently using

– Know whether your device is roaming on another carrier network

– See your recent data usage at a glance*

* The Mi-Fi does not provide accurate monthly data usage information to 3rd party applications, this display is merely a gauge of how much data you have used in the past few hours. It may reset to zero if the cellular connection resets. 


Novatel Mi-Fi 2200: Fully supported on all carriers, including Verizon, Sprint, Virgin and others. This device sometimes needs updated firmware so check with your carrier or contact Mi-Fi Monitor support.

Novatel LTE/4G Mi-Fi 4510: Should work perfectly

Novatel WiMAX/4G Mi-Fi 2082: Should work perfectly

Samsung SCH-LC11: This device has an API similar to the Novatel devices, however it is badly broken and requires special handling. Support for this device IS being worked on for Mi-Fi Monitor 2.0

Generic Novatel Mi-Fi 2352/2372: Works, but requires at least firmware version 5.26.2, See below for help getting the new firmware for these devices.

AT&T branded Mi-Fi 2352/2372: These devices should all be working now, some may have outdated firmware so contact Mi-Fi Monitor support if you want to test your device. 

Huawei Mi-Fi: No

Verizon Fivespot: No

Any other device not manufactured by Novatel: No

If you want to know for SURE whether Mi-Fi Monitor will work with your device before buying, email for help running a quick 30 second test you can do yourself.


If your model requires new firmware in order to support remote monitoring, please contact for help obtaining the firmware and installing it. 

NOTE: Mi-Fi Monitor is not endorsed or approved by, or affiliated with Novatel Wireless in any way. Please do not contact them for support!



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