Access iOS Settings Through Notification Center

Step 1: Download App Switcher from the App Store. It costs a mere $.99. With the price set to double in future, now’s the time to grab it.

Step 2: Once the process is complete, open up your

Step 3: Select Notifications, then find Switcher, and make sure you’ve the following settings;

  1. Notification Center: On
  2. Show: 5 Recent Items
  3. Alert Style: Name
  4. Badge App Icon: Off
  5. Sounds: Off

After you’ve sorted your settings out, you can begin to have a little play around with the app.

Quick Launch

Here, you can place your most important tasks, such as those URLs you visit often or those people you always end up calling. All you have to do is tap on the “+” icon situated at the top to the right and assign your desired action.

As well as being a very handy implementation, it’s limitless, so you can create as many Quick Launches as you so please.

Notification Center

With iOS 5 came that handy Notification Center, which has since been the focal point of every iDevice user’s known universe. App Switcher allows Quick Launches to be included in Apple’s new information hub, and again, the process is a doddle. Open App Switcher, select Setup, and you’ll be met with a bunch of Notification Center “slots.” Once again, hit the “+” on each to fill these slots with some of your previously assigned Quick Launches.

We highly recommend this app, and if you don’t purchase anything else this side of the new year, get App Switcher.

(via AppAdvice)


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