ArtikPix (iPad)

ArtikPix – Full version 2.1 is an exciting update to the engaging articulation app with flashcard and matching activities for children with speech sound delays. The highly requested group scoring feature is available for collecting scores in flashcards on up to 4 children at a time. A group of students can now collect data as they practice sounds in words and sentences with a speech-language pathologist, their parents, or independently.

Utilizing fun and modern graphics, ArtikPix – Full has all 21 decks with 40 cards each (113 cards in r deck, 913 total cards) for the following sounds: th, f, v, ch, sh, k, g, s, z, l, r, s-blends, r-blends, l-blends, p, b, m, n, t, d, j. The decks are combined, selected for sound group (e.g., beginning th, er), then practiced in full-featured flashcard and matching activities. The features include recorded audio, voice recording, and scoring (aka data collection).

In the flashcard activity, the sound groups are ordered and configured for shuffling to individualize practice for children with both the words alone and in sentences. The flashcards are then practiced in an easy-to-use flick album. In the matching activity, the words are randomized in easy (3 pairs), medium (6 pairs), and hard (10 pairs) levels. The matching activity is a fun way for children to practice their speech sounds while data is still collected.

The flashcard and matching activities include the following features: 
• Group scoring in flashcards to collect data on up to 4 students at a time 
• Combine card decks and specify ordering 
• Choose sounds groups (e.g., beginning th, er) to practice 
• Color coded cards 
• Auto-play of audio recordings 
• Tap-to-play audio 
• Record your voice and play the recording (external mic/earphones with mic needed for
iPod touch prior to 4th generation) 
• Collect data by tallying for specified sound groups (e.g., beginning th, er) 
• Tallied data is automatically converted to percentage based data 
• Undo tallying mistakes by tapping the numbers at the bottom of flashcards or matching 
• Save data in the app organized by student names and timestamps 
• Copy data to clipboard, email, and Google Spreadsheet 
• Configurable options for app sounds (e.g., audio recordings) and visuals (e.g., hide
matched cards, unmatched card delay)



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